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Award-winning, Brooklyn-based drummer and music educator Dan Barman has un(a) focus and passion por music that reaches across 22 years de experience and includes un(a) en depth background en los dos live and studio performing, ensemble management, event promotion and organization como well como education por private estudiantes, clinics and master-classes. The blend and balance de Barman’s powerful, funky backbeat with the touch and sensitivity El learned growing up como the son de un(a) Jazz saxophonist can be heard on his trabajo with Grammy Award winning producers “Commissioner” Gordon Williams and Dean Jones, Saturday Night Live’s Jeremy Sklarsky, Jesse Lauder and many others. His playing can be heard on award winning singles such como Joanie Leeds’ Family Tree (feat. Jonatha Brooke) which won 1st place en The USA Songwriting Competition, and alongside such bands como Food Will Win the War (picked como un(o) de Nueva York City’s “best emerging artists” by The Deli Magazine), The Rit’mo Collective, Rebecca Hart, and the award-winning Kindie-Rock project Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights, withquiénDan has gained notoriety as the loveable, funky-drumming “Drummer Dan”. A bandleader with some de Nueva York City’s most talented young musicians at his fingertips, Barman has put together backing ensembles to support many local and international touring musicians and bands. 

As un(a) young Drum Corps International mundo Champion, Dan has been featured en Modern Drummer Magazine and continues to trabajo como un(a) instructor with some de the highest-ranked drumlines en the country.

Barman has devised un(a) muy personalized ergonomic approach to the drum set which El passes on en lessons to his estudiantes, leading him to invent and file por patent on un(a) original design por un(a) ergonomic drummer’s stool.

A touring clinician por Dream Cymbals, Barman has long been un(a) avid profesor who’s spent tiempo on percussion staff at The University de Oregon como well como with several award-winning and championship high colegio music programaaas and DCI Drum and Bugle Corps, and has been passing his knowledge on to others en private lessons since 2001. como un(a) clinician, Barman creates and leads customized group lessons, has led educational programaaas por nationally award-winning cultural youth organizations and has taught master classes por grande Jazz ensembles across the country.  In 2011, en celebration of his 10th año como un(a) music educator, El moved The Dan Barman colegio of Drumming into its brand new Williamsburg Brooklyn location, where El continues to meet 1-on-1 with private estudiantes.  por more information on clinics and lessons, please see the “lessons” página de this website.

Dan currently endorses Dream Cymbals & Gongs and Westone In-Ear Products.

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