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In celebration of his 10th year as a music educator, the brand new Dan Barman School of Drumming has opened it’s doors in the newly renovated Sound City Studios in Brooklyn, and is now accepting a limited number of new students. Students of all levels are welcome.  To learn more and book lessons, contact Dan at (541) 515-0432.


Since 2001 Dan Barman has been teaching the art of drums and percussion to students all over the world. In addition to being a long-time private lesson instructor, he has worked as a percussion staff member and clinician for major universities, top-ranked high school music programs, and award winning educational organizations.  He’s created and implemented curriculum for students of a wide variety of ages, skill levels, and backgrounds, and has taught as a staff member for some of the most skilled musical performance organizations in the world.

Using his background and training as a world champion Drum Corps International competitor and movement instructor, Barman has devised a very personalized ergonomic approach to the drum set, leading him to invent and file for patent on an original design for an ergonomic drummer’s stool.  Learning to set up the drums to adjust to the individual’s body is just one of the many skills that Barman’s students have the opportunity to learn.



At The Dan Barman School of Drumming, lessons are specially tailored to meet the needs of each individual student, focusing on the skills that most specifically address their goals. Students will find themselves in a supportive environment where they will benefit from having one-on-one lessons with a dedicated and highly experienced instructor.

Beginning Students will quickly find their voice on the instrument, enabling them to enhance their enjoyment of the art of music by becoming a participant in its creation. Young students will gain life-long benefits by learning to set and achieve long and short-term goals while adult-beginners will find themselves excitedly pursuing a new and life enriching talent.  For school-aged students, lessons can be tailored to include homework and concert percussion assignments from their current music classes, enabling them to gain ground quickly by receiving additional guidance outside of the classroom.  

For all beginning students, fundamentals in modern rock, funk, and jazz, plus proper hand technique as well as reading & writing will be taught, giving the student the opportunity to lay down the type of strong foundation that can lead to a high level of success on the drums.

Intermediate & Advanced Students will find their skills accelerating on the fast track as they reap the benefit of Barman’s experience as an in-demand drummer on the New York music scene.  Lessons can be tailored to focus on solo competition pieces and college entrance exams for school-aged students, while all high-level students will learn advanced concepts in coordination, musicality and soloing as well as expanding their musical vocabulary.  Advanced hand and foot techniques such as the Moeller Method will be introduced as well.

For those advanced students who wish to make a career out of their love for the drums, lessons will include studies in the art and business of performing music for a living.

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